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Duel Alibi Movie

Some great movies from a time when it was about the story and the talent of the actors not just special effects, sure they were bad films but even these were fun to watch.

Edgar Wallace TV series now is available on dvd was great news for me after buying so many doggie dvd from Ebay it was nice to get the real thing.

Scales Of Justice DVD

So many rare films now starting to appear on dvd so you really don’t have to put up with rubbish anymore, only just recently I got the original scales of justice double dvd a great buy for only £7.99 from Amazon Check the link on top corner of this page to see more.

The old stuff is starting to appear and there are some rare movies still to find their way onto DVD.

But what is my All time best Film what first sent me on my journey into the Classics

Citizen James Now on DVD

 Are you looking to laugh your socks off with some solid British humour from the Sid James classic TV Series?  I hope you are because I have something very special for you today!

It’s a DVD called Citizen James with actors such as Sid James and Liz Frazer and luckily enough you can purchase it direct from  This TV comedy series was a classic in its time and some believe it be more so, even today.

I must say I love Sid James, always have and always will do.  I guess that’s why I wanted to introduce you to this classic series that was produced by the BBC.

Firstly let me tell you more about the series that ran between November 1960 and 1962.   As you well know the show featured Sid as the main character and was written by a handpicked comedy team consisting of Galton and Simpson who was very well known in this time.   They based the character on Sidney Bakmoral James and Bill Ker from Australia who were apparently a bit dim witted or thick is what we like to call it these days.

Liz Fraser was a classic in the show and played the part as Sid’s girlfriend, a suffering lady who always waiting Sid to pop the question, actually I think he never does.

The first part of the show was set at the Charlie Nosh Bar, a cafe in Sho and was the place were Sid would put together his quick rich schemes that were always the centre of the plot for many a show.  Over time Sid’s character changed to more of what people would like to call “a champion of the people” as he campaigned for social justice.

Still as a whole this series was created for a laugh and many laughs it got, no doubt about that!  If you too are looking for a solid laugh with true British humour as its catalyst, then this series Citizen James produced by the BBC would be a perfect edition to anyone’s DVD Collection.

These types of videos also make great gifts as they are very original and can be watched time over.  Actually what you get for you dollar is amazing value.

So, hop over to by following the link provided, read the reviews and pick up your copy today.  I am more than sure that you will be impressed and get ready to “Laugh Your Socks off

Herbert Lom

 Herbert Lom whose career spanned for more than 60 years as actor both in the theatre and film and yes my favourite Actor at this moment.

If you not seen Duel Alibi were he plays identical Twins you're missing out bit time.

This wonderful actor who was born in Prague and escaped to London England to avoid the Nazi wrath in 1939 followed his passion in the art of entertainment.  Herbert actually played the part of the villain in many of his early roles and later in the career moved into comedy in which he was naturally talented at.

Lom also starred as the King of Siam in the London production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, The King and I.  This show ran for 926 performances, so it kept Mr Lom in employment for quite some time during that period and he rolled with Valerie Hobson who had then married to the British Politician John Profumo.

Other films that Herbert Lom starred in where “The Young Mr Pitt” where he played the part of Napolean Bonaparte in 1942 classic.  Other successful films included the 1956 version of War and Peace, “The Lady Killers” with Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers.

Actually not everything was smooth sailing for Herbert even though he was quite well known on the acting scene.  At one stage he had picked up a contract in Hollywood to star in a role of films but unfortunately was unable to hold an American visa due to political reasons.

However this did not hold Tom down as he appeared in many British Dramas TV series such as The Human Jungle (1963 -64) as a Harley street Psychiatrist for two season.  He also appeared in the Phantom of the Opera and many other low budget horror films such as Mark of the Devil which was world famous for its graphic torture scenes.

Still Tom was probably mostly well known for his role as inspector Chief Charles Dreyfus in many of Blake Edwards Pink Panther films.   Some others that he was well known for was parts in the Agatha Christie novel such as And Then There Were Nonethe French Revolution”.

Yes, Herbert Lom really had an amazing career and I am sure you could still find him today in films that are still being sold at places such as  I am sure to this day there are many actors new and old who would have loved be half as well known.